COSMOESCAPE is a 100% Spanish company that provides accommodation services for teleoperated telescopes in two exceptional places in the Sierra de Gredos and the Serranía de Cuenca. COSMOESCAPE has been operating in pilot and experimental mode since 2019, it currently has 12 facilities available in phase I, reaching 48 facilities in phase II in both locations. Our facilities are prepared to host equipment for national and international clients, for remote astronomical images, satellite tracking and data acquisition, for universities and companies.


Environmental characteristics of our double facility:

  • Seeing under 2″ during summer.
  • 21,70 SQM.
  • 240 clear nights on average annually.
  • No torrential rains or severe weather events.
  • 630 / 1533 meters above sea level.
  • Average winds of 5kmh.


  • Access without entrance fee. Monthly payment (minimum stary of 12 months).
  • Individual 2.5×2.5 meter robotic observatories with automated sliding roof.
  • Insurance against fire, theft, vandalism or inclement weather.
  • Stable power supply with UPS backup.
  • Surveillance service 24/7.
  • High speed internet connectivity with 4G backup.
  • Access to Allsky camera data.
  • Access to cloud sensor data.
  • Access to weather station data in real time.
  • Access to SQM measurement data in real time.
  • Acces to cameras in your observatory for viewing your instruments.
  • Installation and configuration service for start-up.
  • Drinking water supply.


  • We manufacture the column you need for the installation of your equipment.
  • Advice and sale of all the equipment and devices necessary for the proper functioning of your installation.
  • Maintenance service.

Own control platform in the CLOUD:

  • Switching control for all devices.
  • Access to weather station.
  • Access to cloudwatcher.
  • Access to data on sky conditions in real time SQM & TESS photometers.
  • Opening and closing with the possibility of programming.
  • Access to ALLSKY camera and observatory cameras.
  • Ephemeris data.