Your astronomical equipment in the sky that it deserves

COSMOESCAPE will be a double installation equipped with a high level of technoloy and security in two locations just two hours from Madrid. With an excellent sky and backed by a team of professionals who guarantee its operation, you can run operate your equipment from wherever you are.


High speed connectivity

Dark sky – SQM 21,60

Technical support

Seeing under 2″

630  or 1533 masl

240 clear nights on average

Easy access

Starlight Reserve

IoT cloud plaform

4G Backup

Allsky  & skyquality monitor

Advice and sale of equipment

24/7 Surveillance

Full insurance

UPS Backup

Astrotourism Complex

COSMOESCAPE has a training room and an outreach observatory where users have a real observation experience with high-end telescopes and attended by instructors who assist our visitors.

14″ inches telescopes for nighttime observation

Telescopes for sun observation

Training room

Accomodation  only 100m away

Accessibility guaranteed