Solutions for remote observatories

Solutions for remote observatories

Having a permanent installation in a dark sky is crucial if you intend to carry out any serious project, be it astrophotography or collaboration with the scientific community. If said installation has to be operated remotely, it is a challenge to ensure the availability and automatic protection of all its components.

Cosmoescape is a manufacturer of ad-hoc software and hardware for the remoteization of observatories. Proprietary and third-party tools are combined in seamless integration to deliver a user experience built on trust and effectiveness.


Secure and available connectivity

Cybersecurity threats are a concern today. Communications with our remote observatories are based on VPN connectivity and firewalls. An installation is only as secure as its weakest element, which is why we are also committed to training the end user as a key step.



Hypatia Innovation Hub

Cosmoescape has a four-station observatory, where it tests new concepts before they reach the end customer. As far as the remote operation of astronomical equipment is concerned, “failure is not an option”.


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